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At the elegant balls are ideal for long dresses.

One of the best things about wedding planning is getting the chance to discover some really lovely brands you wouldn't normally come across with everyday shopping.
So, I was very pleased when the lovely Zoe from Aviva Dress contacted me to talk about her gorgeous online shop - it's just full of Wedding dresses, Bridesmaids dresses, Prom dresses, Evening dresses, formal dresses, accessories, headpieces, jewellery and so much more - I just coudn't stop browsing! ;)

Black and red Dress should be in a neutral color, reasonably priced and should be available for years. Its versatility means that no matter what we currently have trends of the season, she is always fashionable. Black and red dress with a well-chosen style and length makes every woman, regardless of the figure, it will look good and stylish.

Black lace dresses with feminine elegance underpin.

Princess dress is always a hit at the wedding because every girl ever dreamed of being a princess. The wedding day is the perfect time for this dress.

Beautiful wedding dresses in the shape of a mermaid, all white and very simple style.

Women in XXL best present themselves in simple dresses. Are recommended for delicate materials, a great choice is the dress of a higher status - that is cut under the bust. Ideal neckline is "the cheese" or large round to emphasize the bust. I found some great choices at Avivadress for every girl!

Lace dress should be worn by a woman's which have a sense of style. Laces inspires passion, seduction men and sophistication.

In the shop there are also cute dresses for children. 

 We want to thank Zoe for getting in touch with me and introducing me to her gorgeous store - It has given me so many ideas and I just cant wait to see what she adds to her store next!  If you are planning your wedding, attending a wedding and prom a special occasion, I would definitely recommend visiting the Aviva Dress website - you wont be disappointed! 

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